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RTA Webinar

RTA Webinar
A hot rental market, rent controls, legislative changes, and tenant expectations create a spectrum of operational challenges for Landlords. This Session will focus on some of the “hot button” issues facing operators of multi-residential properties including Social Media trolling of landlords, Rent Strikes, Cannabis Act impacts; rules about obligations when there are floods, explosions, and fires; and strategic considerations for AGI’s. Topics will also include an update on the “visitors parking” and “withdrawal of services/facilities changes; what happens after the eviction order issues; and the New Construction exemption from Rent Controls. Learn from Real Life Cases Numerous important and landmark cases involving rental housing providers work their way through the courts each year.  FRPO’s RTA seminars will look at case examples from the Landlord Tenant Board and Divisional Court that have resulted in precedent setting legal outcomes in residential tenancy law.

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Residential Tenancies in a Hot Rental Market: Operational Issues

- Strategies for dealing with Social Media trolling of landlords and Rent Strikes,
- Landlord’s Own Use Changes
- The Risks of “Renovictions”
- Fire? Flood? Explosion?: the “frustration” of dealing with tenants and “uninhabitable” rental units
- “Visitors Parking”: What are the landlord’s rights to make changes?
- Service of Documents by Email;

Residential Tenancies in a Hot Rental Market, Part 2: Legislative Changes

- Cannabis Act
: Effective Management of Rules and Restrictions
- AGI’s: A Crash Course on Strategies for Securing Return on Investment
- Rules for the “New Construction” exemption (Infill and new development rules).
- Privacy Act Compliance, Privacy Breach Logs, Cyber-Insurance: Special Risks for Landlords
- Post Eviction Order strategies for landlords

Case Law Update

- Examples of recent Landlord Tenant Board orders
Review of recent Divisional Court decisions



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