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Preparing for the Future in the New Normal

Preparing for the Future in the New Normal
Beginning in early March, the multi-res industry was challenged on many fronts with the need to continue to provide rental housing accommodations for hundreds of thousands of Ontario residents while grappling with learning how to operate in a COVID-19 pandemic crisis mode. After a four-month period, the COVID-19 daily new infection rate and case reporting curve appears to be finally flattening in Ontario. Both the province and municipalities are now slowly planning to re-open the economy in a staged process. For the multi-res industry, we must now begin to move from operating in a “crisis-mode” to re-opening our buildings and properties in what can only be termed the “New Normal”. Like all Ontario businesses we face a new set of challenges to ensure we accomplish the following: Protect employees, residents, contractors, and the public who either work, reside, or visit at our buildings from the COVID-19 virus. Reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 virus in multi-res buildings/properties (limiting second wave opportunities). Make Ontario apartment buildings/communities healthy, safe, and sustainable for the future in a post COVID-19 environment. Adding to the complexity for property managers is the high level of density associated with multi-unit residential buildings and the associated risk of COVID community spread. This is further complicated by the diverse nature of resident populations at many properties. They range from singe person to multi-generational families occupying a single unit. The purpose of this Webinar & what we will cover: is to provide property managers and their staff, with a simplified planning process, utilizing modified “Risk Mitigation” tool as means to plan to safely reopen daily building operations for employees, residents, contractors, and the public while reducing the potential for future spread of the COVID – 19 virus (second wave). Overview of Coronavirus COVID 19 what we need to know? A review of the new workplace Non-Negotiables! Introduce a modified COVID-19 Risk Mitigation model that can be used to reduce the hazards and make the workplace and work activities safer Introduce a simple six-step planning model to assist property managers in assessing what work activities need to be changed, how to review those work activities to identify C-19 risks, and how make changes which will reduce e the C-19 infection and spread. Overview of two building operation examples – using the six -step planning approach and modified COVID-19 Risk Mitigation model. Overview of FRPO’s Planning for the Future Booklet – A Guide to Re-opening Multi-res Properties in a Post C-19 Crisis Environment. Importance of Resident communications And more.

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8/6/2020 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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